Tromsø Vegfest

Nord-Norges Vegetarfestival
29. oktober 11-17.00 | Storgata Camping

ALL your favourite foods

At VegFest you'll be able to enjoy home-made falafel, kebab, belgian waffles with soft serve ice cream and whipped cream, sweet and savoury crepes, delicious African food as well as colourful cakes, healthy snacks, salads, and much more - all 100% plant-based. Moreover, you can look forward to free cooking classes where you can learn from the best to prepare delicious veggie foods… and taste them!

Cooking classes, 
mouth-watering veggie foods
and talks

You will also have the chance to learn more about plant-based foods and their advantages for the environment and your health as well as about animal welfare. Have a chat with dedicated NGOs or listen to interesting talks held by knowledgeable speakers.

Tromsø VegFest – Nord-Norges Vegetarfestival is a festival for the whole family. And don’t forget to invite your friends! Everyone who likes good food is welcome.

Tromsø VegFest is organized by the non-profit organization Grønn Framtid

Veggie food

October 29

& program

Date & opening hours:

Saturday October 29, 11:00 - 17:00


Storgata camping (Storgata 5, Tromsø)


NOK 75/60 (Adult / student),
buy ticket online or at the door


Tromsø VegFest – Nord-Norges Vegetarfestival 2022 with all its stalls and the kids's corner opens

Foredrag med overlege og leder i Physicians Association for Nutrition Norway (PAN) Tanja Kalchenkonto

Protein har blitt et populært ord blant idrettsutøvere, men også enhver av oss. Hvor mye protein behøver vi mennesker for god helse og optimal funksjon? Hva er de beste og sunneste kildene, og kan vi få nok protein om vi kutter ned på kjøttinntak? Og ikke minst: Er det bærekraftig å kutte ned på mat fra drøvtyggere, i Norge som er et gressland?

Lege og leder i Norges avdeling av Physicians Association for Nutrition Tanja Kalchenko tar opp ulike spørsmål knyttet til helse og kosthold i hennes foredrag og ser på forskning, statistikker og kostholdsundersøkelser med oss. Samtidig tar hun opp temaet selvforsyning, import av matvarer og kraftfôr samt betydningen for miljø og klima. Hvordan kan vi spise godt for både kroppen vår og for planeten?

The talk will be held in Norwegian

Kindergarden teacher Nuria and Lucille have planned some fun activities for children at Tromsø VegFest! Come and meet them at the kid's corner next to the karaoke room.

Eat greener – and how you can make a difference everyday with your plate!
by Vanessa Brall

Veggie food is delicious! But how to get started? Forget the cooking book that tells you you need 100 different ingredients in the upper price scale which you just find in a special store. Vanessa Brall will take you on a journey discovering how everyone can eat more veggie food – no matter if you are on a budget, bad at cooking or love to cook a five star dinner. Look forward to practical advice combined with extensive knowledge – and why you make a difference with every meal you eat!

Vanessa Brall has been working with canteens, companies, and organisations to implement more plant-based food as well as inspiring thousands throughout the years to get started with more veggie food. She has a varied background from blogging to a degree in information science to being awarded as the most committed person at the Norwegian Animal Welfare Conference (Dyrevernkonferansen). She is founder and leader at Grønn Framtid, who is also organizer of Tromsø VegFest.

The talk will be held in English

We are announcing the first winners of the Tromsø VegFest lottery. Buy some tickets before and win some awesome prizes. All lottery prizes are donated and the proceeds go towards financing Tromsø VegFest 2022.

Trenger du praktisk matlagingsinspirasjon? Se her! Minn og Gard har du kanskje allerede sett på NRK, TV2 eller VG: Begge er kjent som Veganergutta på Instagram og med bloggen sin og er de største veganerprofilene i Norge.

Nylig ble begge to nominert av Dagens Næringsliv: I 30 under 30 ser DN etter gjennom gode ideer, handlekraft eller lederegenskaper dytter verden i mer bærekraftig retning – og det er Minn og Gard absolutt med på. Nå tar begge turen til Tromsø VegFest for å lære oss om deres favorittrett: Butter-No-Chicken! Klar for fantastiske smaker?

Og psst: Minn og Gard selger oss sin nye kokebok på Tromsø VegFest, her får du garantert matinspirasjon til å ta med hjem!

We are announcing the last winners of the Tromsø VegFest lottery. Buy some tickets before and win some awesome prizes. All lottery prizes are donated and the lottery proceeds go towards financing Tromsø VegFest.

Vegetarian Histories and Meaty Traditions:
Or, learning to eat more plants from Norway’s food cultures

by Martin Loeng

When we taste, see, and learn about “traditional food” in Norway, meat is up-front and center. Martin Loeng asks why “traditions” are so meaty, when we know so little meat was eaten 10, 40 or 200 years ago. What about the vegetarian and vegan histories? He tells the story of how kjøttkaker (meatballs) became even more meatier than they were. How beans, lentil, and oats were used by primarily lacto-vegetarian people. Often in combination. Yet, today the mention of lentils in kjøttkaker may spark the most dispiriting of media controversies.

The meaty reputation of “traditional food” makes it seem as if there is little we can learn from Norway’s food history to meet today’s challenges. Throughout this presentation, Martin will question the popular belief that eating less or no meat at all is not traditional. This helps us make a little more room for vegetarian, vegan, and meat-reduced ways of making and eating, and to learn from Norway’s diverse food histories and food cultures to meet today’s challenges.

Martin Loeng is a social scientist who joined the MEATigation Project at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Norway as a researcher in 2021. He has been conducting research on the changing role of meat in Norway’s history, and applies knowledge of agricultural history to today’s topical political questions about food. He is also writing a book, plus recipes, on changes in Norway’s food and meat culture, called “Eat Like Your Grandparents”. When he is not writing about meat, porridge, or media controversies over “meat reduction” (kjøttkutt), he performs and teaches improvisational theatre in Trondheim.

The talk will be in English

SASUSU Radio’s frontrunner Sanj brings a variety of music selections from far and near places. Sanj will serve South Asian and Southeast Asian flavours from Kollywood and Bollywood to more traditional and meditative ragas and rhythms.

Tromsø VegFest (Nord-Norges Vegetarfestival) with all its stalls and the kids corner closes.

How to get there?

Tromsø VegFest – Nord-Norges Vegetarfestival takes place at Storgata Camping in Tromsø. Storgata Camping is located at Storgata 5 and contrary to the name you can’t camp here, but they have awesome events – like Tromsø VegFest! Take the bus to any bus station in the centre and you will have Storgata Camping within walking distance. The nearest bus stop is “Polaria” which is two minutes away. Use Troms fylkestrafikk to plan your route. 

We recommend to use public transportation. If you do want to come by car, “Fjellet parkeringshus” is close to Storgata Camping. There are two entrances from downtown and two from “sentrumstangenten” (the tunnel under Tromsø center).


Free entrance | Be part of an amazing team
Free meal | Make a real difference :)




Grønn Framtid is the organiser of Tromsø VegFest.

Grønn Framtid is a charity organisation working towards a more just food system – for humans, animals and the planet alike. Many of the most pressing problems in today’s society have one thing in common: They are connected to our high consumption of animal products. Grønn Framtid’s work for a more plant-based diet saves the environment for huge strains, prevents the most common lifestyle diseases and helps animals suffering in intensive agriculture.


Products to the lottery at Tromsø VegFest – Nord-Norges Vegetarfestival are sponsored by the following companies and organisations:
Circle Stickers, Dyrebeskyttelsen Tromsø, Fruktnett, Green Falafel, Grønn Framtid, Litt grønnere, NOAH – for dyrs rettigheter, Nordens Paris, pust.kafe, Tromsø Meditasjon & Yoga, ValsoiaVeganlife.

Supporting Tromsø VegFest are Tromsø municipality and Sparebankstiftelsen SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge.


Circle Stickers
– stickers for a better world

Non-profit webshop with meaningful stickers and buttons – for a better future!

Dyrebeskyttelsen Norge Tromsø

Dyrebeskyttelsen Norge Tromsø is a voluntary animal protection organisation. They work with animal protection and help animals who are homeless or for other reasons do not have a well-functioning home.

Flavour Catering

Flavour Catering sells authentic East-African dishes at Tromsø VegFest! Look forward to their tasty dishes with cassava and yam in creamy coconut- and peanut sauce!

Framtiden i våre hender 

Framtiden i våre hender (Future in our hands) is a Norwegian non-governmental organisation promoting ethical and sustainable consumption. Their goal is a socially just world within the planetary boundaries. At Tromsø VegFest you can meet the UiT student group of Framtiden i våre hender.


Fruktnett is a small business that promotes an everyday life with less plastic consumption, through fruit nets and other crocheted nets. The fruit nets are the star and are intended to replace single-use plastic bags when shopping for fruit and vegetables in the store. Join us and take a step towards a more plastic-free everyday life!

Green Falafel

Green Falafel sells home-made food from Palastine such as hummus, baba ganoush and dolma! And psst: Soon they will open the restaurant Yalla Habibi in Tromsø!

Grønn framtid (organizer)

Grønn Framtid is a charity organisation working towards a more just food system – for humans, animals and the planet alike. Our work for a more plant-based diet saves the environment for huge strains, prevents the most common lifestyle diseases and helps animals suffering in intensive agriculture.

The International Vegetarian

The International Vegetarian provides free information about the aspect of eating plant-based, and recipes for a variety of tasty veggie food. Also look out for the free vegan biscuits! is a website that provides important information and practical advice about how to give house rabbits the best lives possible. The goal of the website is to stop pet rabbit suffering by educating the owners about rabbit needs and behavior.

Litt grønnere

Look forward to a local company from Kvaløya: Litt Grønnere produces environmentally friendly alternatives to disposable packaging such as bread bags, fruit bags and gift wrapping as well as alternatives to disposable products such as kitchen rolls and make-up pads. Many of the products have been redesigned from tablecloths, curtains and kitchen towels.

NOAH – for dyrs rettigheter

NOAH is an organisation that always promotes the animals’ case and is never satisfied with compromises at their expense. Animals do not exist for human use. They exist to live their own lives. This is why NOAH works against all exploitation of animals.

Nordens Paris Crêperie

Here at Nordens Paris Crêperie – or shall we say Montmartre on wheels? – you’ll be served homemade vegan sweet crêpes, including top-notch homemade nutella and salted-butter caramel, our specialties. Without forgetting our French vegan crêpe “galettes”, a proper savory meal which should be enough food to keep you going for the rest of the festival. Edith Piaf and Serge Gainsbourg will be here for the French touch!


Pust.Kafé is a brand new cafe & coffee house, wine bar and work lounge. Keeping up with the fresh and trendy vibe of Pust sauna, we created a plant based concept to spike your taste buds and start or end your day in a zen environment.


To honor the Nepalis who built the trail to the top of Fløya and all the culture that goes with it, Sherpatrappa will be here with its Momos, a well-know traditional Nepali dish which will soon become Tromsø’s signature. Never tried stuffed-dumplings before? Well, come and give it a shot, it’s like falling in-love! If you have never travelled to Nepal before, don’t worry, it will almost feel like being in Kathmandu. Is tea your thing as well? Wait to try our spicy chaï, it will warm you up for the whole winter, that’s for sure!

Sunn og Grønn

Sunn og Grønn will be giving you information on how to eat more healthy and green. We will hand out free recipes as well as selling a book on eating healthy and green.

Tromsø Meditasjon & YOGA

Enjoy our delicious and juicy kebab  - a VegFest favourite that quickly sold out in 2019. Throughout the year you can also join us for free classes in meditation & relaxation, as well as yoga courses, and get filled up on the inside as well :) Check out our website for more info.


On the Belgian side at Vaffelhus, you will get a gigantic Belgian style waffle with whatever topping you like on the top. We even have vegan ice-cream, imagine! La crême de la crême!!


Belgian luxury waffles with soft serve ice cream, whipped cream, fresh berries and melted chocolate - 100% plant-based. All homemade from scratch. And don't miss our Snickers waffle with soft serve, salty caramel sauce and crunchy peanuts...

Wedeb’s Restaurant

Wedeb’s Restaurant serves dishes made from authentic recipes originating from Eritrea, full of delicious flavours. And what makes Wedeb’s dishes even more wonderful - all proceeds go to a local football club, Skarp G06!



Tromsø VegFest – Nord-Norges Vegetarfestival depends on volunteers and we need many to make it as awesome as it can be!

There are loads of possible tasks, both at the event and beforehand. To name a few: helping at bake sales or information stalls before the festival, baking vegan cake, handing out leaflets before the event, setting up and taking down on the day of the event, selling lottery tickets during the festival, check tickets at the entrance, photography / videography, helping at the kid’s corner and more!

Our shifts are short (around 3,5 hours), so you have the possibility to both volunteer & enjoy the festival as a guest.

Read more about the different tasks below :) 

As a volunteer you will also:

Make a load of new friends and be part of an awesome community

Make a big difference and earn our eternal gratefulness

Learn new skills that you can put in your CV ;)

Get a free meal and free snacks the day of the event

Get free entrance to the festival

What do volunteers do?

Moving/setting up tables, chairs, cables and signage in the hall. Helping exhibitors to find their table. We have little time to set up everything, so your work is crucial! And hey, be one of the first people seeing all of the great things Tromsø VegFest has to offer 🙂 Side note: Volunteering for this task enables you also to enjoy the ENTIRE festival!

Want to make people enter the festival with a smile? You’re the first person visitors meet and you check tickets, sell tickets and hand out event guides. Join this crew if you want to give people a great festival start!

As a volunteer at the Grønn Framtid booth you inform people about the organisation behind Tromsø VegFest – Nord-Norges Vegetarfestival: Grønn Framtid! You inform about campaigns, give information on vegan food, sell books and look for new members who will support Grønn Framtids work. You’ll receive training before 🙂 Curious to know more now about Grønn Framtid and our mission to reduce animal products by 50 % by 2040? Check out!

You are the one who jumps in if someone is sick, if we realise that we need more people somewhere or who helps solving unforeseen problems. Bonus: You might get to see/do lots of different cool things!

You are caring for the festivals smallest visitors by drawing with them, playing or other activities – and making them smile! Bonus: Want to be the person/one of the persons planning the childrens corner as well? You already have suggestions on what the kid’s corner should look like/what the activities should be? Go ahead and write to tromso(at)

You are the person keeping the festival and it’s message alive: Even when the festival is over! As a photographer you will be all over the festival taking photos of exhibitors, visitors, speakers, cooking classes and more! Big plus if you have experience with taking good photos and if you have the possibility to take photos during the whole day – with lots of breaks of course! It’s a requirement that you bring your own camera.

You’re a star, because you make the festival look nice, tidy and clean! We need you! And of course our shining star will see a lot of the festival as you’re roaming around 🙂

You are the one making sure that speakers and cooking demo assistants have everything they need and that there are no problems during the talks and cooking demos – and of course you get to see a lot of what’s going on on stage. For this position you need to be able to speak both Norwegian and English.

At the welcome table you help visitors finding their way at the festival location, answer questions as well as selling awesome cake and raffle tickets. You are representing Tromsø VegFest even more than other places! 🙂

At the iAnimal table you will show people a virtual reality video of chicken farms. The visitor sees the scene through the eye of a chicken. For this position it’s a plus if you have experience with animal rights. You will receive training in order to learn how to use the VR glasses.

Hand out flyers about Tromsø VegFest in the city center to let even more people know about our delicious festival! You’ll be away from the festival venue, but therefore your shift is one of the shortest – so plenty of time to enjoy the festival!

You’re updating people out there on social media on the day of the event – inviting everyone at home to come and join or show them what a great festival they missed! This role requires that we get to know you better before the festival – because you’re not only speaking to more than a thousand festival attendees, but also thousands of people out there!

You are the person keeping the festival and it’s message alive: Even when the festival is over! As a videographer you will be all over the festival taking videos of exhibitors, visitors, speakers, cooking classes and more! Big plus if you have experience with recording videos. It’s a requirement that you bring your own camera for this position.

This is the shortest volunteer shift of the festival! You will be assisting in the take down of the following: art installations, tables, chairs, signage, etc. We have just limited time & need to be out of the building by 18:30, so you work little time, but effectively 🙂 Side note: volunteering for this Crew enables you to enjoy the ENTIRE festival!

Become exhibitor or sponsor

Would you like to become a sponsor for or exhibitor at northern Norways biggest veggie festival?

Tromsø VegFest is the biggest veggie festival outside of Oslo and gives you therefore an excellent opportunity to reach a lot of people in your target group. Our festival attracted already more than 1 500 attendees when first organised in 2019.

Join us at the same time making a difference for the environment, the animals and public health with us! Vegetarianism is on the rise in Norway and a lot of companies – big and small – are jumping on the veggie bandwagon.


About Grønn Framtid

Grønn Framtid is the organiser of Tromsø VegFest – Nord-Norges Vegetarfestival. Grønn Framtid is a charity organisation working towards a more just food system – for humans, animals and the planet alike. Many of the most pressing problems in today’s society have one thing in common: They are connected to our high consumption of animal products. Grønn Framtid’s work for a more plant-based diet saves the environment for huge strains, prevents the most common lifestyle diseases and helps animals suffering in intensive agriculture.




Donors help to make Tromsø VegFest possible and ensure that Tromsø VegFest can continue as a yearly event, an event that can ultimately improve the overall health of our community, create environmental awareness and highlight the connection between our food choices and animal welfare.

Become a member today to help Grønn Framtid achieve its goals of making plant-based food accessible for everyone – for our planet, our health and animal welfare! As a member you support Tromsø VegFest as well as our other campaigns so we can effectively make a difference!

Read more about Grønn Framtid here.

Work with us

Would you like to work in an organisation that aligns with your values? With more plant-based food on our plate, we can combat several of the most pressing problems in today’s society: We save the environment from enormous strains, prevent several of the most common lifestyle diseases and help animals suffering in factory farms.

That is why Grønn Framtid changes thousands of meals in Norwegian schools every year, while Tromsø VegFest – Northern Norway’s Veggie Festival and our Plant Power Challenge inspire thousands of people to eat more plant-based. Furthermore, our cooperation with companies through V-Label is in the start-up phase. Do you want to be part of this exciting and important development?

Grønn Framtid

(+47) 461 66 553

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